Interview with President Jose Vargas

Last month, lead gen industry veteran and multiple exit entrepreneur Jose Vargas made headlines by announcing that Autobytel made a significant strategic investment in his latest startup AutoWeb. It’s an exciting announcement and casts a spotlight on an industry that has been at the periphery of the LeadsCon ecosystem but should now come to the [...]

New Ed Tech Startup Ranku Officially Launches

Those in the education marketing services world know Kim Taylor. Before becoming a reality-star on Bravo, Kim Taylor worked in the trenches on the marketing side of post-secondary education. Today, comes the official launch of her own education startup, Ranku. We’ve included the official release below. Ranku’s official launch was also covered on Techcrunch. The [...]

Precise Leads – Health Insurance Lead Generation

Precise Leads Logo

When I moved to New York late 2008, one of the first companies I met, albeit very briefly was Precise Leads. At the time, they were focused very much on health insurance lead generation. For reasons that are surely my fault, I lost touch with founders Tony Franzese and Jaime Scott . Fortunately, they didn’t seem [...] – Turn-Key Lead Gen for Small Businesses

Some of the best leads come from inquiries filled out on a business’ site.  Not surprisingly, businesses spend lots of money making sure their pages rank so that they can take advantage of these organic inquiries. That’s great, but have you ever looked at how most companies manage these leads? Creating the forms to capture [...]

A Private Equity Backed Lead Generation Company – A Case Study

This is a guest post by Steve Ross, Managing Director, MCM Capital Partners. The views expressed below are his own and not too promotional. MCM Capital Partners, a micro-cap private equity firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, ventured into unchartered waters in 2005 with its acquisition of Cole Information Services, an orphan division of a $100mm+ [...] Expanding into the Auto Insurance per-Click Marketplace

Looking at Quinstreet’s market cap recently, you might presume something is wrong with the business. They are trading almost one-third off of their peak and almost twenty percent below their IPO. Yet, stock analysts who cover the sector estimate nothing but continued growth. Some of this selling of the stock is a result of perceived [...]

Altius Education

Altius Education Logo

Many companies have entered the for-profit education sector, especially those looking to generate leads. Few other online segments offer such attractive economics. The online lead generation space, certainly with respect to education, has few barriers to entry, requires a rather low amount of capital intensity, and success doesn’t require becoming class leading. It only requires [...]

Spotlight on: Jordon Keltz


“It all started above a deli in Staten Island.” And so begins one of the lesser known and more  intriguing stories in the world of online lead generation, one that has resulted in not just one successful exit but potentially three. Junkies of online lead generation will know the name ClassesUSA, and they will know [...]

RapLeaf – Can Social Media Data Help Lead Generators?

Rapleaf logo

Years ago, I remember hearing about a company called RapLeaf and its desire to create the equivalent of the eBay Feedback  Score, a universal quantification of one’s reputation. Look at the score and you would have an instant understanding of their person. Unlike eBay, whose Feedback Score relates only to their activity within the auction [...]

Performline – Making the Invisible Visible


When thinking about the online advertising world, Charles Dicken’s immortal opening line from  A Tale of Two Cities frequently comes to mind. While most tend to remember “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” the next part of the same sentence applies equally well, namely “…it was the age of wisdom, it [...]