Expanding into the Auto Insurance per-Click Marketplace

Looking at Quinstreet’s market cap recently, you might presume something is wrong with the business. They are trading almost one-third off of their peak and almost twenty percent below their IPO. Yet, stock analysts who cover the sector estimate nothing but continued growth. Some of this selling of the stock is a result of perceived [...]

Pondering the Future of the For-Profits


Education lead generation has for lack of a better word been on a tear – an absolute bull market in an otherwise bearish economy. Lead volumes alone do not tell the full story. They tell of the success of lead generation and of the school’s growth, but they do not tell about the broader perception [...]

News Brief: Quinstreet Files for IPO

quinstreet logo

A name known to many but a company still unknown below the surface, Quinstreet announced plans to raise $250mm in an IPO and trade under the symbol QNST.  Having had their founder and CEO, Doug Valenti, on a panel at LeadsCon, it was a first opportunity for many of us to get a feel for [...]

Subscription Service Upsells – In The Line of Fire


Ask just about anyone in the online customer acquisition space to define an “upsell,” and instead of blank looks, out 10 people you survey, you’ll get roughly 10 similar answers. It’s business practice as old as just about business itself and a crucial way for many businesses to make additional revenue. Extra value meals? An [...]

Google Comparison Ads – What It Really Means

Google Comparison Ads Ad

After two years of development, a teaser beta in the UK last year, and a potential lawsuit seeking to derail its US release, Google’s internally groundbreaking initiative that allows (for now) mortgage banks to buy not just clicks but a request for contact has launched. Called Google Comparison Ads, the product signals a huge directional [...]